Freedom Package 1

Freedom 1 supports aircraft that have an existing, viable digital Air Data system. The AHR75 AHRS interfaces to this Air Data System as well as to our AHR150A-2A Magnetometer & AFC001AC digital to analog converter. The AFC in turn provides 2 and 3 wire synchro outputs to devices such as electromechanical Flight Directors, HSIs,


Dedicated adapter harness & mounting plates simplify installation.

Smaller & lighter than existing VG/DG.

Greatly increased MTBF compared to the existing Gyros

Mounts on most previous DG\VG locations, no structural mods required.

Minor AOG time, less labor hours and reduced installation issues

Option to add more A429 devices in the future (Cockpit modernization)


  • AHR75
  • AFC001AC
  • AHR150A-2A MSU
  • Mounting Plates FX004-XX and FX005-XX
  • CA001-XX Cable and connectors