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Whether yours is a retrofit or a forward fit project, Archangel Systems gives you options. Our attitude heading reference systems (AHRS) and air data computers (ADCs) are TSO approved and ready for installation in any application including Urban Air Mobility flight controls. Combine those products with our intelligent panel indicators to create low-cost upgrade packages with no panel modifications and quick turn-around time. Replacing obsolete components is often complicated by data incompatibility between new versus legacy avionics. Archangel’s Data Controllers eliminate that risk and are available with and without displays. Before spending hundreds of thousands on avionics you don’t need and certainly don’t want, let’s talk.

Archangel System's Top Products


Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)
The AHR150A and AHR300A ADAHRS are Archangel’s flagship products. With FOG-equivalent attitude accuracy, these strap-down, MEMS-based LRUs have secured multiple installations in both fixed- and rotary-wing platforms including Boeing and Erickson Air-Crane.


Automated Flight Controller (AFC)
The first iteration, the AFC-001 was initially developed to support its TSO-approved Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS) for use with analog flight control systems, the AFC bridges the gap between an ADAHRS and existing equipment to enable automatic flight control. The AFC is also the enabling technology for using the ADAHRS with 3 ATI and 4 ATI instruments using DC inputs and for reversionary instruments used in military, commercial, commuter, and business aircraft.


Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU)
The AHR150A-2 is Archangel’s principle Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU). Developed as the heading reference sensor for the AHR150A, the AHR150A-2 carries the same certification record with DO-178B Level A software, rigorous DO-160E categories, and TSO approval C6e for Magnetic Direction Instruments.

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