Compact and flexible, the AHR50 is designed for two purposes:

1)To be the complete AHRS solution for small, lightweight aircraft such as UAS and UAM.

2)To seamlessly embed into larger systems to reduce architecture complexity.

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The AHR50 AHRS is an embeddable attitude system with very low size, weight, and power budgets. That, combined with the accuracy and latency of output data, makes the ‘50 ideally suited to flight controls in UAS and UAM applications.

Customers embed the AHR50 in a larger housing of their design, usually their flight control computer. In essence, your team to focuses on the higher system design while Archangel provides the AHRS product and expertise.

Pairing with the AHR150A-2-A MSU creates a complete and certified AHRS. Qualifications include DO-178B Level A certified software (Mission Critical), TSO C4c and C6e approval, and DO-160E certifications for altitude, temperature, shock/vibration, humidity, and fungus. The customer’s housing addresses the remaining DO-160 requirements.

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  • Qualified for Mission Critical applications including IFR, SAR, primary flight systems, and UAS in the NAS
  • Complete set of support documents for embedding into larger systems
  • Certified for Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 aircraft
  • Mates with AHR150A-2 MSU
  • RS-232 input and output
  • Filtered micro DB9 connectors


  • DO-178B Level A software
  • FAA TSO C4c and C6e
  • DO-160E environmental certifications for altitude, temperature, shock/vibration, humidity, and fungus