Archangel's Most Relevant Installations

F-5 E&F

Archangel developed the AHR800 and AHR500 supersonic ADAHRS for advanced fighter upgrades. We are teamed with an Asian company that supplies complete upgrades with the AHR800 as the primary source of air data and the AHRS backup to the Honeywell EGI. Flight tests show 97% agreement with the EGI across all flight regimes.

Clients secured thus far operate F-5 and Pampas fleets in South America and Asia.

Airbus NC212i

Airbus D&S redesigned the C212 Aviocar with modern avionics. The new version, the NC212i, is being produced by PTDI in Indonesia.

Airbus selected our AHR150A for the NC212i type certificate as the primary source of ADAHRS data for UASC displays, Genesys autopilot, and Honeywell radar.

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk

The US Army BEST program allows companies to buy demilitarized Blackhawks at auction. Rogerson Kratos is one of several companies upgrading this aircraft for modern civilian and foreign government markets.

RK selected a dual shipset of AHR150A ADAHRS for their avionics package.

Erickson S-64

In 2008, Erickson acquired the S-64 Type Certificate rights from Sikorsky. In 2010, Erickson selected the AHR150A ADAHRS and AFC001 Automatic Flight Controller for a major upgrade. Both products are standard issue on every S-64.

The S-64 operating environment is extremely harsh. Fire, water, flame retardant, ash, and static electricity are everyday issues. This installation is a strong vindication of our catalog.

Embraer Tucano

The AHR300A ADAHRS was recently vatted and selected by the Egyptian Air Force for a fleet-wide upgrade of their Tucano EMB-312 trainers. ASI also supplies a data concentrator to the installation. Project completion is scheduled for July 2021.


Volocopter was an early entrant in the eVTOL market. Protosypes have been airborne since 2017 and EASA Design Approval was awarded in 2020.

Volocopter selected the AHR150A as the primary ADAHRS data source. Units have been delivered for the initial installation.

King Air 300

A European company recently completed a King Air STC that includes a dual shipset of AHR150A ADAHRS along with UASC displays and Garmin GPS.

Launch client is a national certification authority. They use their King Air fleet to map approved approaches at airports across the entire country.

Basler BT-67 (DC-3)

Basler Turbo-Conversions is the global provider for maintenance and upgrade of the veritable DC-3. Basler selected the AHR150A to replace spinning mass vertical and directional gyros and to drive a Genesys autopilot.

Today, the primary DC-3/BT-67 use is polar missions to the Arctic and Antarctica.

CH-47 Chinook

This program was a joint effort between Boeing, Thales, and Archangel on Project Julius – an upgrade of the RAF CH-47 fleet. Archangel’s AHR150A ADAHRS (A variant of the AHR300A with lower rate and acceleration limits) was added to the package for its superior vertical speed accuracy, particularly in ground effects.

With the ‘150A, Boeing was able to meet performance requirements for vertical speed, enabling RAF pilots to land safely in zero-zero conditions.