Avionics Upgrade Packages

Reduce panel upgrade costs with Archangel's Avionics Package: Revitalize sensors and displays with our targeted approach

 There is an underserved retrofit market segment that simply does not want a glass cockpit. They do want freedom from obsolescence risks and rising maintenance costs. Archangel avionics packages are built for this demographic. Designed from the ground up to be noninvasive additions to any architecture without the need for major structural changes. The package includes an AHRS/ADAHRS replacement as well as digital displays that can be fitted into any standard 3 ATI cutouts. The result is an upgrade that replicates glass cockpit functionality at a lower cost and a faster installation time.


The ADU300 product line is the centerpiece of the Archangel custom package. This serves as a digital replacement for legacy steam gauges and fits into 3ATI cutouts on the panel. Standard functions for altimeter, airspeed, vertical speed, and turn coordinator are selectable by pin strapping in the cable harnesses. You have one part number to purchase, stock, and install. Specifics for each function (color palette, bugs, fonts) are configurable. The ADU300 is designed to interface with all AHRS and ADAHRS manufactured by Archangel, but can be configured to other digital and analog data protocols. . If you are looking for a modern and advanced cockpit without the costs of a glass cockpit modification, an Archangel ADU300 package may be right for you.

Archangel Builds a Package Around your Needs

Pairing Archangel’s AHRS, ADAHRS, MSUs, and Digital Indicators creates a more flexible alternative to a panel replacement – The image on the left depicts a common scenario where the customer wants to go all digital and take advantage of the ADU300 MTBF and cost of ownership. However, replacing the analog autopilot carries non-trivial costs for aircraft recertification. Everything in blue represents Archangel Products while the green denotes existing avionics that will be retained.

Four ADU300 indicators receive ARINC 429 digital data from an Archangel AHRS or ADAHRS. One ADU300 converts roll and pitch to synchro format to the autopilot. The package can also support a future transition to a digital autopilot.

This is but one example of an Archangel upgrade package. If you are looking to efficiently modernize your legacy avionics and indicators: contact us today and let’s discuss what a custom avionics upgrade solution might look like for you.

The ADU300 performs many indicator functions



Vertical Speed

Turn Coordinator

AHRS and ADAHRS to pair with the ADU300