Focused and easy to use, the AHR75 is designed to provide high levels of performance at a low cost. The compact nature and low weight of this product in addition to its certifications and safety focus make the AHR75 a great fit for providing inertial data on UAM platforms. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and concerns

The AHR75 AHRS is designed specifically to provide high levels of performance at a low cost. In creating the AHR75, Archangel uses a three-part design philosophy: technology, certifications, and ease of use. First, the AHR75 uses technology including MEMS sensors, Archangel’s AHR150-2 Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU), and sophisticated blending algorithms to deliver “FOG-grade” performance at greatly reduced size, weight, and power. Second, the unit has a comprehensive list of certifications including FAA approval for Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 installations, DO-178C Level A (Mission Critical) software, and complete DO160E protections. Third, the AHR75 is easy to install and use. 


  • Qualified for Mission Critical applications including IFR, SAR, and primary flight systems
  • Certified for Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 aircraft
  • Designed with low data latency for fly-by-wire aircraft
  • Directional Gyro meets TSO C201 H2H9 requirements
  • Angle rate limit options of ±128°/s, ±240°/s, and ±440°/s
  • User-programmable lever arms and orientation
  • Mil Spec 38999 filtered connectors


  • DO-178C Level A software (all functions)
  • FAA TSO C201
  • DO-160E Environmental certifications including EMI, EMC, and HIRF