Obsolescence Solutions

Obsolete telephone

Leverage Archangel's expertise and experience to update your products and solve issues with obsolescence.


In the initial design phase, you work hard to reduce issues of obsolescence. As the years pass, however, state-of-the-art components become increasingly antiquated as manufacturers eventually end support and production. In these tough situations, Archangel can work with your company to get your product or aircraft back up and running again.

Specifically, Archangel can help you solve obsolescence issues stemming from:

  • Manufacturers ending production or support of components used in your designs
  • Updated FAA or client regulations and requirements
  • Antiquated technology and infrastructure


As evidenced by its comprehensive product line, Archangel has extensive experience in inertial solutions. Moreover, with a set of skilled engineers from a variety of backgrounds (including software, electrical, and aerospace), Archangel has the expertise necessary to help you overcome a variety of obsolescence issues ranging from instruments to displays.

Client projects

Archangel has addressed several clients' obsolescence issues such as:

  • Unsupported upgrade programs
    • Problem—ADAHRS for jet fighter upgrade program is no longer available
    • Solution—Archangel develops the AHR800, an ADAHRS capable of handling the data requirements of supersonic aircraft
  • Changing FAA requirements
    • Problem—Replacing a client's existing AHRS when the FAA lowered its certification level below the client's requirements
    • Solution—To meet these certification requirements, Archangel created the AHR75
  • Changing manufacturer requirements
    • Problem—Current ADAHRS in the Boeing Chinook needed to be replaced because it did not meet Boeing's vertical speed requirements
    • Solution—Archangel works with Boeing to install the AHR150 in the Chinook


Contact Bill Dillard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if Archangel can help with any of your obsolescence issues.