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Archangel Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new Vehicle Predictive Roll-Over System (V-PRO).  Intended for both military and commercial vehicles, V-PRO provides auditory and visual warnings of impending rollover to driver and crew. Benefitto the owner include:

  1. A reduction in rollover occurrences that lowers costs of vehicle repairs and replacement
  2. Fewer crew injuries or deaths
  3. Reduced insurance costs
  4. Expanded vehicle operational envelope

According to Dr. Katherine Greene, Archangel's President, “There is a critical need to prevent rollover of Light Tactical Vehicles (LTV’s) used by military personnel.  For example mine-resistant vehicles (MRAP) used by the Marine Corps and Army have experienced more than 230 rollovers between November 2007 and January 2010, resulting in 13 fatalities.  In commercial markets, more than 20 armored cash transport truck rollovers occur annually.  V-PRO is designed specifically to reduce the number and severity of these events”.


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