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aerosonic oasis standby instrument

Aerosonic's OASIS Standby Instrument

Aerosonic Corp. Executive V.P., Mark Perkins, announced today that Archangel Systems’ AHR50 AHRS has been selected for the OASIS standby instrument system. “We saw opportunity in the standby market and had all of the technology in-house except the AHRS. Archangel and its AHR50 are a good match for us. They have both the product and the expertise to work at the systems level with our engineers. We expect to have TSO approvals in place during Q2, 2013.”

The AHR50 is designed as an embeddable AHRS in that a portion of the DO-160E categories are certified with the customer providing EMI / EMC and power input protection. Software is certified to DO-178B Level A. If needed, Archangel can also provide support for the customer’s TSO submission package.  

Archangel Systems'

From Michael Greene, Archangel’s CEO, “Aerosonic’s standby strategy is precisely why we developed the AHR50. It makes short work of the customer’s AHRS development and certification efforts. They’ve done a beautiful job with the product and should capture a strong market share.”

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