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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 19:00

ASI Introduces AHR800 for Supersonic Jets

Archangel Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its new Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS), the AHR800. Based on the certified AHR150A & AHR300A systems, Archangel has further developed an ADAHRS that can support applications in high speed, high performance jet aircraft. The AHR800 system is capable of measuring airspeeds up to and including 850 knots indicated.

The AHR800 system consists of two boxes. The AHR800-1 Inertial Sensing Unit (ISU) senses rate, acceleration and air data, while the AHR800-2 Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU) is a remote three axis magnetic field sensing device. Together these two components provide a powerful and cost effective alternative to other gyro systems.

The AHR800 is currently in final development and testing.  Deliveries to the AHR800’s flagship customer will begin during last quarter 2012.


AHR800-1 (ISU)
AHR800-2 (MSU)

For further information on the AHR800, contact Bill Dillard at (334) 826-8008 x14 or via our website.

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