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Friday, 17 October 2014 16:23

Erickson Inc. Selects Archangel Systems for Gold Supplier Award

Based on their ratings of supplier quality, on-time delivery and cost control, Erickson Inc. has identified Archangel Systems as a Gold Supplier Award recipient.

Jeff Stein, Erickson Director of Materials, writes, “Erickson’s mission is to secure our global market position as the premier vertical lift company by providing innovative and responsive service to our customers, fostering a sense of pride in our employees, and maintaining consistent returns to our investors. As a recipient of an Outstanding Supplier Award, you have provided exceptional support towards our success in attaining these goals.”

Each Erickson Air-Crane S-64 helicopter uses a dual shipset of Archangel’s AHR150A ADAHRS and the AFC001 Automatic Flight Controller. The AHR150A provides air data, attitude, and magnetic heading on digital ports to primary and multi-functional displays, while the AFC001 translates the digital data to analog for the autopilot.

“The entire Archangel family is grateful to Erickson for this recognition. It validates our commitment to our clients and their successes,” says Archangel’s Director of Emerging Technology, Bill Dillard. “Being on such an iconic aircraft is obviously a thrill. But what makes this award special to us is the S-64 role in firefighting—saving property and lives. Well done, Erickson.”

You can read more about Archangel’s relationship with Erickson in our client stories.

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