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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 19:00

Archangel Awarded SBIR Contract to Develop a Triaxial Accelerometer with Low Offset and Noise (TALON)

Archangel Systems, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to develop a Triaxial Accelerometer with Low Offset and Noise (TALON). This is response to a three-layered problem being experienced by the Department of Defense. First, missile propulsion and control systems now outpace the accuracy of available guidance systems. Second, smaller munitions need accelerometer and gyroscopes that offer true navigation-grade performance at tactical-grade pricing. Finally, proven and reliable supply chains and product support infrastructures must be used in order to field new technologies quickly.

As always, the problem reveals the opportunity – a low-cost, mass producible IMU with navigation-grade performance metrics could not only solve the munitions guidance issue, but it could also service the large DoD user community needing tens of thousands of units annually.

Archangel Systems, Inc. (ASI) proposes an approach coined TALON (Triaxial Accelerometer with Low Offset and Noise). TALON is a variant of ASI’s patented NGMARS concept funded through DoD SBIRS and DARPA’s NGIMG (Navigation Grade Integrated Micro Gyroscope) project. In NGMARS, a silicon rotor is force balanced electrodynamically to a null position (x, y and z) and attitude (tilt) within a cavity. Once balanced, the rotor is spun at high speed allowing roll and pitch sensing via precession forces. In this sense, NGMARS is akin to a spinning mass gyro with electrodynamic gimbals. To achieve the three axis accelerometer in TALON, the device does not need to be spun thus reducing the complexity of the electronics and algorithms.

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