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Sunday, 19 May 2013 19:00

Archangel Systems ADAHRS Selected for Boeing CH-47 “Project Julius”

The Boeing Company has selected the AHR150A ADAHRS from Archangel Systems for Project Julius.  Under the program, Boeing UK will modify 38 Mk2/2A Chinooks into the Mk4/4A configuration and eight Mk3 Chinooks into the Mk5 configuration—providing essentially new aircraft to the UK MOD.

A dual ship set of Archangel AHR150A ADAHRS provides the attitude, heading and air data solutions to a Thales-based cockpit.  The deciding feature of the AHR150A in Boeing’s evaluation process is its low-noise inertial vertical velocity measure—critical to heavy lift aircraft operations.

Boeing Julius
UK MOD Program Julius CH-47

With the first round of Julius flight testing successfully completed in 2012, the Julius program office has stated, “This is a huge accomplishment for the Boeing-UK program and a great compliment to Archangel Systems.”

From Michael Greene, Archangel CEO, “Project Julius is a technically exciting program.  We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Boeing staff here in the US and in the UK on this installation.  The level of collegiality and mutual competence has made the work a pleasure.”

The AHR150A is a new paradigm ADAHRS that combines MEMS sensors with DO-178B Level A software and rigorous DO-160E categories consistent with high vibration environments and wide temperature variations.  The AHR150A also is approved for composite body aircraft.  To support fly-by-wire applications, data latencies are low to maintain adequate flight control loop stability.

Archangel Systems's AHR150A ADAHRS
Archangel Systems AHR150A ADAHRS

In addition to the Chinook Julius program, the AHR150A is used in a wide variety of applications from Citation 7 aircraft to the Erickson Air-Crane. For further information on Archangel’s products, contact Bill Dillard at (334) 826-8008 x14 or via our website

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