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Monday, 10 July 2017 00:00

Archangel Systems Welcomes Stephen Parsons

Stephen Parsons has joined Archangel Systems as our Marketing Collateral Intern. The Auburn University MTPC student now has Deb Bailey’s position and duties such as website management, media releases, collateral generation, and documentation reviews.

Archangel Director of Sales and Marketing, Bill Dillard says, “Deb did excellent work here for four years. She stabilized our website and its content, standardized our documentation formatting, and created marketing artwork. She also vetted Stephen before his hiring and then trained him well. She will be missed.

Dillard adds, “With most of Deb’s functions now in maintenance mode, Stephen will be contributing to our new marketing and branding initiative, a critical retooling of tactics and mindset that targets aerospace OEMs. We started the groundwork in June 2017 and are confident that Stephen is the right hire at the right time. Welcome Stephen.”

Archangel Systems, Inc. is a private, closely held Alabama Corporation, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. Formed in 1992, the company specializes in inertial sensing systems & solutions for aerospace, automotive, & military applications. Areas of expertise include complex algorithms, hardware & software development, production, and client support. Product certifications include FAA TSO, EASA ETSO, DO-160, and DO-178 to any DAL criticality level. For additional information, please visit


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