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Monday, 30 January 2017 00:00

Archangel Systems’ AHR75 AHRS Variants for the Entire Aviation Marketplace

Archangel Systems, Inc. announces that its AHR75 AHRS product line has been expanded for use across the entire aviation market. Nine variants with unique maximum angle rates between ±128 and ±440 degrees/second are now available with no change to the installation process.

Archangel President, Kitty Greene says, “We released the AHR75 in 2014 as a highly pedigreed AHRS. Now it’s an equally versatile AHRS with performance options for a wider range of aircraft capabilities. Clients that manufacture or operate aircraft in multiple part number categories will particularly benefit. With one supplier, one installation procedure, and one cable harness design, they can meet all of their AHRS requirements in part 23, 25, 27, 29, and military trainers.”

Market analyses have identified four specific applications for AHRS like the AHR75. First, upgrades replacing DG/VG sets or end-of-life AHRS without a complete avionics overhaul. Second, upgrades of RVSM certificated aircraft where retaining the air data computer, and thereby the RVSM certification, is a cost driver. Third, OEM upgrades or new production requiring a compact AHRS with DO178C Level A (DAL A) software certification.  And fourth, highly dynamic aircraft like turbo and jet military trainers needing faster roll and pitch rates.

The AHR75 services these applications with very low size, weight and power budgets.  The two-box system consists of an Inertial Sensing Unit (ISU) and a remotely-mounted Magnetic Sensing Unit (MSU).  The ISU measures only 2.7” x 5.3” x 5.0” (H x W x D), and weighs 2.2 lbs. The MSU is 3" in diameter by 0.75" tall, weighs 0.5 lbs. The complete system weighs only 2.7 pounds and consumes less than 14 Watts.

Archangel Director of Sales and Marketing, Bill Dillard comments, “Our upgrade clients have made one thing very clear—they prefer drop-in replacement solutions. A drop-in reduces their labor costs, enabling lower cost bids while maintaining margins. Because the ’75 is so small, it easily fits in the space consumed by iron gyros and legacy AHRS with room to spare. Archangel provides a mating plate to create that drop-in scenario between the existing mounting point and the ’75.”

For compliance in mission-critical applications, the AHR75 has a high certification pedigree.  Software is certified per DAL A.  DO-160 environmental tests are comprehensive with aggressive category selections. The AHR75 is approved per C201, the FAA’s new TSO crafted specifically for modern AHRS approval per a rigorous test flight card.

Dillard adds, “Global economic conditions are driving dual use of civilian certificated avionics as a cost reduction tactic. But dual-use customers evaluate avionics against MILSTD protocols and non-civilian software certification procedures. Several such customers have given due diligence to AHR75 certification and Archangel’s Quality System. In every case, Archangel has met or exceeded their requirements. Our roster of dual use clients is growing globally on both rotorcraft and fixed-wing platforms.”

For technical information and pricing on Archangel’s products, contact Bill Dillard at (334) 826-8008 x14 or via our website at

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