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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 00:00

Archangel Systems Celebrates 24 Years in Aerospace and Military Industries

Troup Brazelton, Kitty Greene, Michael Greene

October marks Archangel’s 24th year in the aerospace and military marketplaces. The company, founded October 1, 1992 in Auburn, Alabama by G. Troup Brazelton and Michael E. Greene, began as a developer of large format touch-screen displays, engine data systems, AHRS and air data systems for civil aviation. The focus was on experimental class aircraft.

In 2001, Archangel made the strategic decision to concentrate on highly certified sensor systems. Archangel now designs, develops and manufactures sensor systems for use in both fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft as well as ground vehicles. Its catalog of products contains air data, attitude and heading reference systems (ADAHRS), attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), precision inclinometers, autopilot controllers and cabin altitude/hypoxia warning systems.

Dr. Michael Greene, CEO says, “At Archangel we are dedicated to thinking out of the box such as combining MEMS sensors and sophisticated algorithms to achieve very high-level performance while at the same time reducing cost and size. It is for these reasons that the USAF has chosen us to design and produce systems for the F15.”

Among Archangel’s customers are Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, the US Air Force, Elbit Systems, Airbus Military, DRS, Erickson Air Crane, the Australian Army, Universal Avionics, and Aerosonic. Archangel products are in use on virtually every continent in fixed-wing, helicopter, tilt-rotor, and supersonic aircraft.

Pictured left to right: Troup Brazelton (founder), Kitty Greene (President), and Michael Greene (founder and CEO).