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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:32

Archangel Receives EASA ETSO Approval for its AHR150A and AHR300A Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems

Archangel Systems, Inc. announced today it has received EASA ETSO C4c, C5e, C6e, C88a and C106-A1 approval to manufacture its AHR150A and AHR300A Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS).  With this ETSO, the European aviation market now has its own airworthiness qualification for these ADAHRS in Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 installations.

“This is Archangel’s first TSO outside of the US and we’re pleased that is it on our flagship product,” says Bill Dillard, Archangel’s Director of Emerging Technology.  “Because the ADHARS are exportable worldwide, we get lots of interest from the European community.  The ETSO really supports those customers and their programs.”

These ADAHRS meet all the requirements of ETSO C4c for Pitch and Bank, C5e for an Unslaved Direction Gyro (using all solid state MEMS sensors), and C6e for Gyro Stabilized Magnetic Heading. The systems also meet the requirements of C88a for Altitude Reporting Equipment, using an 11 wire discrete interface compatible with most transponders, as well as C106 A1 for an Air Data computer.

The AHR150A and AHR300A have maximum gyro output rates of 128°/s and 256°/s respectively. Each system is composed of two boxes: an Inertial Sensing Unit and a Magnetic Sensing Unit.  Both ADAHRS include multiple high- and low-speed ARINC ports, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into any modern avionics suite.

Using MEMS sensors and sophisticated blending algorithms, the AHR150A and AHR300A yield "FOG-grade" performance at greatly reduced size, weight, power, and cost.  Several companies, including Airbus Military and Erickson Incorporated, have selected the AHR150A for their type certifications in both rotary- and fixed-wing platforms.

For details on Archangel’s products, contact Bill Dillard at (334) 826-8008 x14 or via our website at

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