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Archangel's core philosophy is simple: when you purchase our products, we serve as the Inertial-Sensing Division of your company. As such, we are committed to applying our knowledge and expertise to the benefit of our clients, including OEMs, Upgraders, and organizations facing issues with obsolescence.

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CH47 in action

UK Royal Air Force

CH-47 / Upgrade Client (AHR150A)

In December 2008, the British Ministry of Defence launched Project Julius to modernize the Royal Air Force Chinook fleet. Under the program, Boeing UK modified 38 Mk2 Chinooks into the Mk4 configuration and eight Mk3 Chinooks into the Mk5 configuration—providing essentially new aircraft to the UK MoD.

Boeing selected Archangel’s AHR150A ADAHRS to meet their aggressive vertical speed requirement.  In the Julius architecture, the ‘150A provides its data to a Thales-based cockpit.  The deciding feature in Boeing’s evaluation process was the AHR150A’s low-noise inertial vertical velocity measurement.  This capability is the key to accurate vertical speed data at low altitudes.

Boeing’s selection of the AHR150A ADAHRS for Julius is another example of Archangel’s ability to solve obsolescence issues in the face of changing manufacturer requirements.

The U.K.’s Royal Air Force completed its Project Julius Chinook upgrades with Archangel ADAHRS onboard in early 2015.