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Archangel's core philosophy is simple: when you purchase our products, we serve as the Inertial-Sensing Division of your company. As such, we are committed to applying our knowledge and expertise to the benefit of our clients, including OEMs, Upgraders, and organizations facing issues with obsolescence.

We invite you to read some of the stories below to see how other companies have relied on Archangel.



S-64 / Obsolescence Solutions Client (AFC001)

As mentioned in Erickson’s OEM client story, Archangel’s AHR150A ADAHRS with digital ARINC 429 ports communicates to Erickson’s analog autopilot. To provide the necessary data translation, Archangel developed, and now regularly produces, the AFC001 Automatic Flight Controller product.

The AFC001 receives AHR150A data and pilot inputs for roll, pitch and yaw set-points. From these inputs, error signals are computed for roll, pitch, and yaw and converted to an analog format scaled to match the requirements of the autopilot.

But the real story is in how the AFC001 was developed. Archangel designed and implemented all hardware and software, certified the product to DO-178B Level B and DO-160E, secured TSO C9c, and began shipments in just nine months from first contact with Erickson. All of this work was performed by Archangel staff without any outsourcing.

The AFC001 demonstrates Archangel’s ability to quickly deliver real solutions at high DO-178B levels that solve our customer’s obsolescence and incompatibility problems.